"Midriffs" Gig Poster

Poster Process

Poster Process

Generally, I will spend the majority of the beginning stages of a project trying to conceive the best visual solution for the task. I spent hours trying to create a metaphor through the images that resonated with the band and the historical date they were playing on. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the two subjects were to different and combining them made for a confusing advertisement.

I stepped back from the desk and began looking through old sketchbooks as a way to distant myself from the clutter I created in my brain. I came across a small sketch of mines similar to how it appears in the drawing and began referencing that to their song “Death Beach” and began conceptualizing a story this way. The idea turning into this drawing as the foundation for the final illustration.

My favorite thing about working on gig posters is that every person can relate to the image in a different way that is hard to find in the rest of the illustration and design markets.